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Venisha Naran speech and audiology therapist

When should you have a hearing test

Children should be taken for a hearing test if one or more of the following conditions are prevalent:

  • Failure to startle to loud sounds
  • Inability to locate the source of sounds
  • Generally requiring louder sound levels
  • Frequently touching or pulling on one or both ears
  • Babbling stops developing or changes to a higher pitch
  • Lack of normal response to sounds
  • Babbling does not change into recognisable speech sounds
  • Failure to respond to simple commands
  • Withdrawal from social contact
  • Frequently misunderstanding communication

Adult hearing tests should be done when:

  • Generally requiring louder sound levels
  • Difficulty hearing at levels that were previously easily recognised
  • Requiring a television or radio to be louder
  • Difficulty localising where sounds are coming from
  • Difficulty communicating with people
  • Difficulty following conversations
  • Difficulty in high density sound areas like shopping centres, etc
  • Withdrawal from social contact